10 Reasons Why Ebook is Much Better Than Printed Book

Ebook Vs Printed Book has always been a debate for both bookworm and non-reader alike. In this article, we will explain 10 reasons whey we think ebook is lot better than printed book.

1. Ebook requires less space
If you live in a single house out of town you won't care about space at all. However, if you live in New York City, Tokyo or in a studio apartment anywhere in the world, you would nod and agree with us that ebook is better and it requires less space. Less space means you can get rid of bookshelf completely and use that space for something more meaningful.

2. Printed book is the source of airborne allergy
If you grow up in the household where your family members get dust or dust mites allergy, you will agree that books collect dust and this makes you really sick.

Millions of people in the United States got nasal allergies and they don't even know about it. Dust and dust mites make symptoms worse. Yes, dust mites can grow in books and any other natural fibers. You will notice that you get less cold and flu in winter if you eliminate source of household dust.

3. Ebook is more environmentally friendly
It goes without saying that ebook saves forest, electricity and energy. However, you have to count in the carbon emission from manufacturing and distribution process of printed book too.

If you are environmentally conscious, try to use ebook as much as you can.

4. Ebook is cheaper than printed book
If you check the price of any book, you will see that hard bound version is the most expensive item, follows by soft bound and ebook version.

When you buy ebook, you don't need to pay shipping and handling cost too. This saves some money.

5.Ebook is more portable
If you spend time outside about or you have a little one to take care of, you will appreciate the portability of ebook. Because you can read anywhere you want without more weight to carry.

6. Ebook is more readable
Readability is the big issue for many people. Ebook is good because you can always increase font size and adjust brightness. This is good for your long term vision.

7. Some out-of-print book is only available in ebook format
Yes some classics items now only available in ebook format. So you don't have to worry if out-of-print items will be too expensive for you.

8. Ebook is more searchable
If you are a research or consultant, you will enjoy using ebook because you can search ebook by keyword quickly. So you can read what you want without spending too much time to search. Some people feel that it's easier to skim quickly to understand overall content too. Moreover, ebook has references in hyperlink format that you can just click to visit other website in no time.

9. You can use text-to-speech software with ebook
In case you would like to continue reading while driving, you can just install text-to-speech software and ebook will become an audio book right away.

10. Free books are available more in ebook format
There are so many free books available in ebook format, not to mention thousands of open source and public domain books

Do you still think printed book is better than ebook?