7 Best Digital Marketing Books for Beginners

Are you looking for best digital marketing books to read? We will show you 7 best digital marketing books to help you transform online marketing initiatives.

The Importance of Digital Marketing
In this day and age when people can afford the new technology to access the Internet, people spend almost 28 hours a week online via both desktop and handheld devices. So it is important for traditional marketers to embrace this trend and try to spot more business opportunities.

Digital Marketing, also known as Online Marketing, has become the important subject in the marketing world. Some of the most prestigious business schools in the world don't overlook this subject anymore. So many of them are now offering a digital marketing as an MBA elective. We believe most people don't have time to attend formal education so today we will provide a list of the best digital marketing books that you should read.

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is a broad term which covers the following topics,

- Search Engine Marketing: people find information online every day via search engines like Google and Bing. Search engine marketing tries to tap into the pool of traffic from these search engines so they can have more visitors to their site.

- Online Advertising: online advertising is everywhere from social media to banner advertising on the websites. However, which form of online adverting is the most effective for your business?

- Content Marketing: in order to create more product awareness, people try to create meaningful and useful contents instead of plain advertising.

- Affiliate Marketing: when you are a start-up company, you usually don't have a big advertising budget. So promoting your products through affiliate marketing is a good way to grow your business.

- E-mail Marketing: sending spam e-mail to people is not effective anymore and it's actually against the law. What is the best way to send the e-mail to prospective buyers?

- Site Analytics: to sell products and services online you definitely need a website. Understanding the behavior of your site users is a good way to develop and present better products and services.

What are Best Digital Marketing Books?
We read lots of digital marketing books and we know for the fact that this kind of book is different from the others. Since digital marketing is a practice-led subject, the best digital marketing books should be written and reviewed by digital marketing experts.

Best Digital Marketing Books Data Collection

So we check digital marketing books on Amazon.com covering 6 topics mentioned above. Then, we check if each book is reviewed or endorsed by the authority figures in this area such as digital marketing experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs, leading bloggers and book authors.

The final list of the best digital marketing books is determined by sales rank in each topic.

7 Best Digital Marketing Books for Beginners are as below:
Have you ever read any of these best digital marketing books? What are some digital marketing books that you love and why?