7 Best Strategy Books of All Time

We will introduce you to the best strategy book written by strategist and CEOs. Best strategy books to help you plan, implement and control effective strategy.

Strategy comes in many shapes and forms. It can be the Art of War by Sun Tzu, the Value Chain Model by Michael Porter or the Balanced Scorecard by Norton and Kaplan. However, there are 3 basic components that are the basis of any strategy as below,

- Diagnosis or the nature of challenges
- Guiding Policy or a broad statement about how to deal with challenges
- Action Plans or a list of things to do to meet Guiding Policy

To formulate a solid strategy, many people rely on certain techniques such as SWOT Analysis, 4 by 4 Matrix, Value Chain Model, Balanced Scorecard or even a core competency concept. Anyway, how can we make sure that our strategy can cope with the competitions?

Finding Best Strategy Books
We believe good strategy should be tested by business leaders who use them every day. To help our readers find the best books they can use, we come up with the data collection plan as below,

Data Collection

- First, we find a list of books written by notable business leaders on Wikipedia.com

- After that, we check out the news website to find news releases about the book launch

- We also search for books written by CEOs on Goodreads and Amazon.com

- Then, we remove irrelevant books from the list

- Finally, we evaluate each book by popularity, recency and reader feedback

7 Best Strategy Books of All Time are as below:

We notice that books about contemporary business strategy are the combinations of actual company case study, the leadership style of each business leader and how strategy is formulated and implemented. These are 3 key ingredients that make any strategy works.

Do you know other books written by business leaders deserve the attention?