7 Best Thai Cookbooks for Beginners

We compare major Thai cookbooks on the market based on 4 criteria. After that, we finalize the list of the best Thai cookbooks we would like to recommend.

The Essence of Thai Cuisine
Inside the nutshell, Thai cuisine is the crossroads between Indian food and Chinese food. Indian food has a very strong influence on most Thai curry dishes and Thai people adapt stir-fry technique from Chinese cuisine.

What makes Thai food so unique is the combination of 4 tastes, namely, sourness, sweetness, saltiness and spiciness. These tastes help to create the party in your mouth or savory taste.

Do you need the best Thai cookbook?
Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the United States and in the world. However, Thai food is quite expensive and hard to find in some areas when compared with Chinese food. If you are a Thai food lover, grabbing the best Thai cookbook and learn how to make Thai food at home is a great idea. And you can show your new skill to your friends and family. Moreover, Thai food is healthier too.

What are the best Thai cookbooks?
Finding the best Thai cookbook can be a challenging task indeed. Because, Thai cookbook market is growing day by day. To provide the best Thai cookbook suggestion, we make a list of major Thai cookbooks available on Amazon.com.

After that, we evaluate each cookbook based on criteria as below,

Thai Cookbook Data Collection

- Authenticity: we know for the fact that some Thai cookbooks are not written by experts in the field. These authors are the experts in their areas (Asian Cooking) but just want to enter this market. We can determine for sure which Thai cookbook is authentic by looking at the photos. Lots of time, the dishes don't look like Thai cuisine at all.

- Ease of Use: some Thai cookbooks focus on royal recipes which are quite difficult to execute even in Thailand

- Ingredients: since many Thai ingredients are not available in the United States, the best Thai cookbook should explain how to substitute and where to find important ingredients

- The popularity of Recipes: some Thai cookbooks are too authentic and focus heavily on regional cuisine, which is uncommon to average Thai people too.

Finally, we ask our Thai friends to help to make the final cut.

7 Best Thai Cookbooks for Beginners are as below:
Have you been using the best Thai cookbook on this list? Or you use another Thai cookbook?