How to Read Business Book Faster? Hint: Use Book Summary

Too many books, too little time? If you want to understand business concept quickly, using book summary sites is the best option for you.

Business professionals have to tackle new challenges in changing business environment everyday. So it's typical for them to find no time to read or study at all.

In the 90's, many people recognized this issue so they tried to find way to solve this problem. The solution was the site that produced the abstracts of major business books so people could learn new business concept as quickly as possible.

To date, there are more than 10 book summary sites that busy business people can read book summaries in exchange of a small subscription fee. In this article, we will introduce you to these sites as below,

1. Get Abstract (Fee: from $4.90 per month)
The site was founded in 1999 a couple of Ph.d. people who saw the growing need of busy business professionals. From its modest inception, now many world leading companies offer their employees the access to getabstract business book summary database.

At the time of writing this article, getabstruct covers more than 15,000 non-fiction book titles.

2. Soundview Executive Book Summaries (Fee: from $99 per year)
Soundview Executive Book Summaries, also known as, provides 8-page business book summary covering some of the best business books from world renowned book authors. Moreover, they also provide the opportunities for subscribers to interact with influential book authors through live webinar.

3. Business Book Summaries (Fee: from $99 per year)
Business Book Summaries, also known as, is a site established by leading scholarly database "EBSCO Information Services". Their collection covers more than 3,000 titles with 250 new book summaries every year. They also have special section for Chinese and Spanish books too.

4. Blinkist (Fee: from $49.99 per year)
Blinkist covers more than 2,000 titles including business, parenting, health/fitness, relationship and parenting books. About 40 titles will be added every month. A summary is supposed to be finished by 15 minutes. Blinkist also offers audio version of the summary for your considerations.

5. Actionable Books (Free to read)
Actionable Books now covers more than 1,000 business books. Each book summary will also tell you how to apply concept you learn in real life. Actionable Books is part of Actionable Consultants, a business management consulting firm.

6. Deconsturcting Excellence (Free to read)
Even though the collection of business book here is pretty limited, we've found that the quality of book summaries here are quite impressive. You can get chapter-by-chapeter summary which is so cool at not cost to you.

7. (Fee: from $100 per year for 50 summaries) covers a small collection of business books but the quality of summaries are very useful (judging from the samples they provide from the first page on their site). Moreover, you have the option to download book summaries in pdf, kindle, epub and mp3 formats.

8. Worth Books (Fee: pay as you go)
Worth Books is a bit different from other book summary sites. They charge you about $3.5 per a summary for most books. You can choose the title you would like to read and pay for it. Then you don't have to worry if you read enough for your subscription fee.

9. Flash Notes (Fee: from $20 per month)
Flash Notes focuses on general business and self help books for busy people. A typical book summary can be finished within 20 minutes. Audio book is also available.

10. (Fee: $9.99 per month)
Readitfor.met provides book summaries from business and general development books that you can read within 12 minutes. According to them, they try to break down difficult business concept so it's easier to understand and the materials can be used in workshop right away. So it saves a lot of time and resources for in-house training.