How to Choose a Good Book to Read Using Citation Analysis?

Reading book reviews from blogs or is the standard way to choose a good book to read. Anyway, there is a better, more scientific method called "Citation Analysis".

Citation Analysis is a method used to determine the impact of scholarly articles or scientific articles. 

Traditionally, you can only perform citation analysis via paid research database. However, modern citation analysis try to find useful information via data that publicly available. 

Here's how to use citation analysis to choose a good book to read:

1. Check Citation Count
Simply put, citation count is how many times a book or a scholarly article get cited by other publications such as books, scientific articles, periodicals, technical papers, white paper and so on. The higher citation count the better.

To check how many times a book is cited, you can go to Google Scholar, input the name of the book and you will see citation count right away.

Anyway, new book won't get cited a lot. So don't use citation count to determine how good a new book is.

2. Determine How Influential the Author is
Another classic citation analysis is called "H-Index". H-Index tries to measure the influence of each author by determining how many times the book is cited and how many publications the book is cited.

If you are an influential author, your book should get cited many times in many publications.

To check H-Index, you can also head to Google Scholar.

3. Check if a Book is Vetted by Library Staffs
Everyday library staffs around the world have to determine what kind of books and publications the library should acquire by taking into account of budget, the quality of publications and the need of institutes.

In short, a good book will secure a place in libraries much more than a bad book.

To check how many copies a book has in libraries around the world, you can go to Just input the name of the book you want to check and you will see numbers of copies in each library. The more copies mean the better book.

4. Check How Many Times a Book is Reprinted
Once the book is released to the market, the book publisher will have to gather sales volume from each sales channel and feedback and reviews. So they can determine if a book deserve a reprint or a revised edition. Number of edition is another way to determine if a book deserves your attention.

5. Check if a Book Author Get Endorsement
Before releasing a book, each book author needs to contact notable people in their field (consultants, academia, influential journalists) and request a book review. If the author get endorsement from those people, it means he/she is also the expert in his/her field. Then, his/her book is likely to be a good one.

Checking this information is so useful when it comes to a new book.

Please note that methods mentioned here are suitable for the selection of a good business book only.

Have you ever use these criteria to select a good book to read?