How to Find Free Books to Read Without Breaking the Law?

How to find free books to read without spending a penny and getting in trouble? We will show you 2 sources of free book that you can read for free, legally.

Reading free books is the dream comes true for many bookworms. Reading is a good way to shield us from outside world so we can be who we are.

Finding a good book doesn't really have to be the illegal downloading. Because, there are at least 2 sources that are free to read as follows,

- Public Domain Book: public domain books are books that are not protected anymore by copyright laws, trademark laws and patent laws. The reasons are that the copyright has expired or the owner of the books failed to renew copyright.

- Open Source Book: Open source book or open text book is the book that are dedicated to and made available to public for free.

Here's where to find free books to read:

The godfather of public domain books. Here you will find thousands of epub books and kindle books ranging from classics, children, history, fiction, science, music, art, religion and so on.

If you love classic literature, this is the place for you. The books are listed alphabetically for easy access. However, the books here are in HTML version so you need to read them on desktop, laptop or e-reader with internet access.

Here you will find classic works from both American Authors and British Authors. You also need internet connection to read the books here because they are in HTML format.

Another collection of public domain books in HTML format. Here you will find the works from notable authors such as Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen. Non-fiction and Young Adult books are also available from this collection.

A collection of books in both audio and ebook formats covering a broad range of genres. Also, each book will show a book cover including star rating so it feels like you are on the online bookstore (but you are not).

A site dedicated to free ebooks but you can also find the paid version for your considerations too.

The project by University of Minnesota to provide free textbooks in business, engineering, science, economics, information system, law, medicine and social science. Each book is usually reviewed by university professors from many institutions. The textbooks can be downloaded for free. If you prefer a hard copy version, you can buy it at low cost.

- It's safe to assume that both public domain books and open source book are free to read by readers in the United States. However, if you are from other parts of the world, you want to distribute or adapt part of the works or just want to make sure that you can really read them for free, you should check the terms of use from the web site you get the book from.

- At the time of writing this article, we've found that many sites are discontinued or becoming the bookstores instead of the sources for free books. If you have any other sources to find free books to read legally, please let us know.