How to Get Books You Really Want to Read for Less?

For bookworms, getting books for cheap is not just about saving money. But it is about how we can utilize resources effectively so we can get more books to read. In this article, there are 5 ways we can get various types of books for less.

1. Use Discount Coupons
There are so many many coupon sites out there and you might think using coupon codes from these sites is a good idea. From our experience, these coupon codes rarely work and we don't really know why. So the best way to use coupons is to get coupon code from major coupon sites or get coupons directly from each store as below,

- RertailMeNot (Coupon Site)

- Groupon (Coupon Site)

- Barnes & Noble Coupons (Store Coupon)

- Powell's Coupons (Store Coupon)

2. Buy Used Books
Used book is not as bad as you think. The reason is that the condition of used book can be very good and worth the price. If you want to give used books a chance, you can try it and saves some bucks as below,

- Alibris


- ThriftBooks


- Powell's Used Book

3. Compare Price from Price Comparison Sites
Price comparison is a good way to save money if you are a busy people. Price comparison site is also very popular for college students because price of textbook can be pretty high. You can try these price comparison sites as below,

- Price Grabber (general book)

- Book Butler (general book)

- Big Words (textbook)

- Deal Oz (textbook)

4. Find Book Sales in Your Area is a site that allows you to find book sales events any where in the United Stats and Canada. It's quite nice if you are a kind of person who would like to see books you are going to buy first.

5. Swap Your Books
Book Swap is basically a portable where you make a list of books you don't read any more in exchange of used books from others. Most of the times, you will only pay for shipping fee. It can be domestics or international shipping fee, depends on where your swap partners live. This is a great way to get book you want to read, especially out-of-print or hard-to-find books. If you want to try book swap, follow the links below,

- BookMooch

- PaperBackSwap

- BookCrossing

- ReadItSwapIt

Are there other ways you can get books for less?