About Us

Bookworm4Life is managed and maintained by Patty and Ben.

Patty is currently working as a sales manager in a leading textile company specializing in denim production and development. Her experience covers sales management, new product development and international business. She's also a mother of a wonderful 8-year-old girl.

She knows firsthand that knowledge is the key to both career advancement and happy family. She entered the business world with a bachelor's degree in psychology (which is miles away from what she's doing now). In order to move up the corporate ladder, she always keeps on learning and books are the most important resource to her.

During the past couple of years she has read a lot of books that she would like to share. So, the purpose of this site is to provide book recommendations that help you save time and balance your work/life.

Ben helps Patty maintain the operations of this site. He got a master's degree in supply chain management with broad experience in supply chain management processes and international business.

All inquiries about this site should be sent to Patty here.

Remark: for the time being, we are unable to review any book.

Last update: May 5, 2017