7 Best Team Building Books of All Time

Which team building book deserves your attention? In this article, we will show you best team building books that inspire leading CEOs and business leaders.

Fundamental of Team Building
Team building has become an integral part of the company's success. To build strong products and services, you need a great team who understands the customer's requirement, execute the process flawlessly and solve after-sales issues timely. This requires a lot of synchronization inside the company.

Team building tries to enhance various skills such as target setting, effective communication and collective decision-making.

The benefits of team building are huge, but it tends to be softer benefits that cannot be expressed in monetary term easily. Such benefits include more flexibility in business process change, better performance across various key performance indicators, lower labor costs or lower man-hours used to complete regular tasks. All of these benefits will lead to better customer retention.

In Search of the Best Team Building Book
We believe many books about team building in the market focuses heavily on team building games that only appropriate for entry-level staff. Some books from many training coaches are not beyond common sense. Since good books need to strike the right balance between simplicity and usefulness, we then try to find book recommendations as below,

Team Building Book Data Collection

- We build the list of books based on best-selling data on Amazon.com in 3 categories, namely, Human Resource Management, Leadership and Team Building 

- We also gather the list of the best books available on Goodreads.com

- After that, we combine 2 data sources into one and remove duplicate items 

- To determine the practicality of books we are going to recommend, we check if they got positive reviews, endorsements or testimonials by chief executive offer or chairman from notable companies in various industries 

- Lastly, we make a final cut.

7 Best Team Building Books of All Time are as below:
Do you use any of these books and why?