In Search of the Best Potty Training Book

Have you been looking for the best potty training book? In this article, we will compare 2 best potty training books and tell you which one you should read.

Who Really Needs Potty Training Books?
In contrary to popular belief, the book on potty training is for a mom or dad or parents, not for a child. Yes, you heard it right! The book is used to train parents how to do potty training. So we can prepare everything properly before it starts. Poor preparation will be a huge setback for both a child and parents. You are not supposed to give your child a book and expect him or her to understand how to do it right.

According to our short survey, we have found that there are top 2 books on Both of them are on the bestseller list against the whole book category (not just among baby book or potty training). The list of 2 books is as below,

In Search of the Best Potty Training Book
Now we will compare 2 books based on the following criteria,

Data Collection

- Structure: we are talking about 2 books with 2 different approaches. One book uses a clear and well-structured approach to prepare everyone in the family. The other book doesn't believe that there is a "one size fits all" solution, the overall progress matters the most.

- Start Time: one book finds it useful to start between 20-30 months and the other book thinks potty training should start between 30-36 months (again, 2 books with 2 different approaches).

- How to Start: this time both books agree on the same principle that you should ditch diapers on the start date.

- Reward: one book insists on commitment without using candy or sticker. The other book encourages parents to provide rewards to motivate a child along the potty training program.

- Ask Your Child?: when both books say the same thing, you should listen. You should stop asking if your child need to go, let him or her tell you.

- Easy to Read: one book is easy to read and follow, the other is not.

After that, we evaluate 2 books based on overall performance.

And the Best Potty Training Book of All Time goes to:

Do you have other other books to recommend?