7 Book Lover Gifts the Real Bookworms Will Use Everyday

Are you looking for book lover gifts for friends or someone you know? This article will show you 7 book lover gifts that bookworms will love to use every day.

In search of perfect book lover gifts
Book lovers think they are special because they have some habits or characteristics that non-readers don't understand. Moreover, fiction book lovers are pretty different from business book readers. Then, trying to find the perfect gifts for book lovers can be a challenging task.

To help you find the perfect gifts, we gather the list of things that we think most book lovers will like. Then, we send the list to our friends to choose 2-3 items they like. Fifty of them return the answers.

Examples of BAD gift ideas
We will first start with the items that a book lover seems not to like (as a gift).

- T-shirt: most book lovers think T-Shirt is so lame that they will be very depressed if they got one.

- Coffee/Coffee Mug: it's like getting a lot of coffee makers as wedding gifts.

Scrabble: too nerdy, period.

- Candle: too romantic, bad for a single person.

- Scarf: it is another way to say that your friends are getting very old.

- Head Lamp: sorry guys, we are not an archaeologist or a treasure hunter.

- E-Readers: lots of non-readers believe e-readers device is the ideal gift idea. However, many bookworms don't really use it. The reason is that bookworms try to read as many books as they can. Using e-readers mean they have to buy every book they want to read (don't tell anyone that local library is bookworm's best friends).

- Bookshelf: every book lover likes a bookshelf, but they tend to buy it themselves to fit in with their home decor. Bookshelf as a gift is too heavy and too expensive.

In short, book lovers don't like something generic because they will get stuff like that on other occasions anyway.

7 Best Book Lover Gifts are as below:
  1. Digital Bookmark: book lovers try to find time to read as much as they can. To help them keep track of time, a gift like Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark will be very useful.

  2. Reading Ring: many book lovers can't put down books they love and they will try to read them even on the bus or subway. A gift like Thumb Thing Reading Ring Page Holder will make their life easier because they can read one-handedly.

  3. Book Darts: Book Darts Line Marker is a thin piece of metal that you use to mark the line you stop so you can start where you've left. A tiny thing that your book lover friends will love.

  4. Booklight: this item is sometimes necessary when you need to read in low light. Kikkerland Clothespin Clip Light is like a clothespin with LED light that you can take wherever you go.

  5. Lap Desk: many bookworms love to read in bed so a gift like Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk will make it more comfortable for them to read.

  6. Read Pillow: this item is ideal for non-stop readers. LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow will help serious readers eliminate their backache.

  7. Personal Embosser: many book lovers love to give a book as a gift. Then, ExcelMark Personal Embosser will enable them to create a customized image for books like that of libraries. Or they can create an embossed image of their name and contact details so people can return the books to them.

What are some other book lover gifts you like?

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Last review and update: November 9, 2020
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