7 Book Promotion Tips from a Book Blogger to a Book Author

Most book promotion advice on the Internet is from either the book authors or marketing agencies. In this article, we will share some book promotion tips from a book blogger perspective.

Nowadays, it's quite easy to write a new book, thanks to the rise of self-publishing platform. However, this makes it more difficult to get some traction for your book. Then, what you should do to promote your book?

1. Get started even before you finish your book
The competition in the book industry is extremely high. For your reference, a small book blog (like ours) get at least an email from some book publicists and book authors every single day. That's about 365 emails to read a year. Reading such emails become a big trouble for many book bloggers and most of the emails go straight to trash or they are marked as "read" without being read.

What we would like to ask a new book author is to start building the relationship with the communities early the in the writing process. Follow the twitter accounts of book bloggers, establish LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and then engage with the communities. Doing this way, people will know something about you and it will ease a lot of communication problems later.

2. Create your own blog
If you can write a book, we believe you can write the outstanding blog posts. Sharing your own thoughts on your own blog on a regular basis is the way to tell people that you really know how to write and you are a good resource for a particular topic. This is the indication that your book may be as good as your blog posts.

We know for the fact that many book bloggers don't have time to read a new book. By providing some writing samples from your own blog, book bloggers don't have to spend too much time to figure your writing ability.

3. Use marketing agency wisely
We can't deny that marketing or public relation agency can really help you land a mention on national newspaper or even get you invited to some national TV show.

However, when you try to reach out to book bloggers, our opinion is that you should do it by yourself. The reason is that some book bloggers just hate the pitch emails from agencies. Because,

- The emails from the agencies tend to be lengthy.
- The emails from the agencies include lots of irrelevant information.
- Many book bloggers don't like when agencies keep bragging about who they are.

Remember when we tell you to engage with the communities during the writing process? If you do it properly, you will turn a cold pitch email into a message from a friend that gets read.

4. Think twice about your subject line.
Ask yourself at least 10 times before sending the pitch emails. For us, we have a rule of thumb about how to empty our inbox by determining the subject line,

- Book review request -> delete
- Please help to promote our new book -> delete
- Re: some book recommendation -> delete

The list goes on and on. The moral of the story, try to be creative with your subject line.

5. Offer a guest post
From where we stand, offering a guest post to a book blogger is a good way to promote your new book. The reasons are that,

- A book blogger doesn't have to do anything. We already have enough book to read, why would we want one more?
- It's the indication that you value their time (if your time is the money, their time is the money too).
- It's the indication that you know how to write.
- It's the indication that you have lots of knowledge to share.

By the way, writing a crappy guest post should be avoided at all cost.

6. Don't use email tracking software
Many book bloggers don't live in the cave. We know some people use email tracking software and we find that it's creepy. Because, you may already know who we are, tracking email clicks, open rate and some other statistics are a creepy way to know our behaviors and we just hate it. Moreover, using email tracking software is the most effective way to say that you are not genuine.

7. Ask yourself "WIIFT"
It goes without saying that book bloggers can use their time to do something else like to establish a consulting practice, create a local business or even write their own book. However, they choose to use their own time to create the blogs as the way to contribute to the society. Ask yourself "What's in it for them?" before sending an e-mail.

If you try to help them with anything you can, it's the indication that you "care" about other people too.

The conclusion is simple, try to be a human being and talk to other people like a genuine and decent person.

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Last review and update: November 9, 2020
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