How to Write the Essays on Boring Topics

Boring topics can be something that is too technical beyond the writer's knowledge or something too simple. In this article, we will show you 5 tips that will help you create the interesting articles.

1. Answer the Unanswered Questions
Look for Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo! Answers and Mind the Book and look at some of the questions posted there. You'll find questions that will make you think and you'll also find questions that don't even make sense. With people's burning curiosities, you can start writing something that's based on those questions.

For example, if you're assigned to write about "coffee", "Why is there no Starbucks in Italy?" is one of the most frequently asked questions. This could be a topic that can be backed by statistics considering that Italy is home to some of the coffee sold by Starbucks like espresso and macchiato. With that, you'll discuss the coffee culture of Italy or the history of Italian caf├ęs and its coffee which will all lead to more contents.

2. Help to solve day-to-day problems
Much like answering common questions, the simple information providing answers to some puzzling problems can be very useful to a lot of people. Life Hacks became popular for a reason. This doesn't even need to be about broken items like a non-functioning microwave that suddenly stopped working after cooking popcorn. It could be about the causes of acne and your experiences in banishing it as well as improving self-esteem despite skin problems. Including before and after pictures will inspire some readers.

3. Find new angle
In journalism, an angle is the theme of the news or a story. This is what compels readers to listen to or read their reports. Suppose you're writing about emotional well-being, instead of just explaining facts of why it's important as physical health, try further sparking your readers' interest by summarizing some of the problems brought about by emotional pain and present solutions and studies on how to take care of emotional health.

One example is on the topic of forgiveness and how forgiving people created a sort of inner peace. You could state some examples for this topic like the famous news of the Iranian woman pardoning her son's killer.

4. Ditch chunky of paragraphs
Use lists, bullets, and numbers to break down information. Try to break paragraphs every now and then to avoid falling into the trap of writing long and winding paragraphs. Engage your readers by writing down important points in bullets and explaining it one by one.

If your article consists of numbers and percentages, write it in figures instead of explaining it in paragraphs. Don't give your readers a headache. Explain it to them in simple terms.

5. Add your secret sauce
Supporting ideas and background should serve to make your essay or article more informative like,

Examples – are popular supporting statements because it allows the readers to imagine your point. If you're writing about how emotional health affects an individual, give an example of an individual who experienced the effects of poor emotional health.

Facts – are proven and undeniable. Statistics and scientific research are strong pieces of evidence to back your essay. However, present your fact in a user-friendly manner.

Expert Opinion – writing a topic which isn't your forte is likely to be questioned by readers. However, getting opinions from experts in the field can back up your own points.

Anecdotes – short stories of personal experiences helps readers to relate to the topic.

So now you know how to write the essays on boring topics. Do you think these tips are helpful?

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Last review and update: February 3, 2021
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