7 Copywriting Tips for Smart Marketers and Business People

Some book bloggers not only blog about books they love but also do some freelance writing jobs too. In this article, we will show you some copywriting tips for smart marketers.

1.Know 10 times more than your audience
By being 10 times more advanced than the audience you are selling to, you can twist and reform their uncertain or skeptic impressions towards the product you are selling effortlessly. But how to be 10 times more knowledgeable?

Ask yourself "What, Where, When, Why and How". These questions will enable you to discuss products in your copy. These questions also spur into follow up questions your audience might have in their minds. So, if you can think about the answers to these questions, you are now 10 times more advanced than your audience.

2. Do some audience research
The audience is the sole reason why you are writing the product copy. Talk directly to them, ask what they like, what they do not like and what can convince them to buy the product.

3. Write in your audience's language
Creativity is the cornerstone of most writers, however, being creative is not enough. You should know how your target audience communicate and create the message that they understand.

Suppose your target audience is millennials who use cellphone extensively in their daily life, use the same language they use on the phone is a good way to communicate with them.

4. Communicate benefits, not features
Features are important things to showcase in a copywriting. However, no matter how impressive the features are, the audience won't find them useful if they don't know why the features benefit them. Therefore, a good copywriter should sell the benefits.

5. Differentiate with the element of surprise
From thousands of marketers that sell products, how can you make the difference? You can make the difference by spying on your competitors, try to determine what they offer or what their marketing tactics are. This will be the basis of copywriting development. Then, putting the element of surprise into your copy to keep the audience hooked. You can do this by arousing their curiosity towards the product by showing some amazing facts about what it can do for them.

6. Use appealing headlines and images
Headlines matter because they set the first impression. But, headlines can also be used as a product mark. This headline could be your own tagline that the audience would always remember.

It is also necessary to have coordination between the words and the images. Aside from that, you should choose the image that appeals to the audience's interest.

7. Display social proofs
Seeing customers who have good buying experience will always appeal to the other customers. Showing customer testimonials is an example of how to encourage other customers to buy.

Have you ever used these copywriting tips?

- Roman, Kenneth, and Joel Raphaelson. Writing That Works: How to Communicate Effectively in Business. HarperCollins, 2000.

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