7 Thesis Writing Tips Business Students Should Follow

Are you considering to attend the MBA program or graduate school? In this article, we will show you 7 thesis writing tips you should follow.

Many MBA programs have the option for students to do or not to do the master's thesis. In our case, we chose to do it because we believe thesis writing is the way to apply knowledge in real-world situations in a systematic manner. But, what is the thesis anyway?

A thesis is a well-structured and long essay that discusses advanced topics. In order to carry out and finish a thesis properly and timely, you really need to stand on your feet, even though you may get some help from your advisor(s).

The list below shows some tips that will help you excel in the whole thesis writing process.

1. Pick the hard topic
There are many people who pick an easy topic just to pass, for example, a customer survey in the XYZ industry. There are literally thousands and thousands of articles like this. Moreover, most employers think this kind of thesis is a joke because they can do a customer survey within a month or two. But, why you need to spend a couple of semesters to finish it? In short, an easy thesis topic is a waste of your potential and it won't make you stand out.

2. Don't include too many objectives
Thesis objectives dictate the time you need to complete a project. One well-defined research objective is easier to manage their 4-5 vague objectives.

3. Don't forget to find the theoretical gap
When you conduct the literature review, don't just make a list of important papers in your field. You need to find what is missing in that particular topic.

Finding a theoretical gap is just like a startup company who tries to conceptualize the new product that disrupts the market.

4. Use simple language
We believe you are familiar with research-oriented publications like Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review. Most articles are the results of scholarly research (research report). However, they are written in a user-friendly way. So, the world's leading executives find them very useful. And the articles on both publications get cited more than the original papers published in scholarly journals. Examples of complex words versus simple words are as below,

- Permit vs Let
- Demonstrate vs Show
- Attempt vs Try

Another issue about the use of language is "buzzwords". Buzzwords are special terms that most people may not understand. Some common buzzwords to avoid are listed below,

- Synergy
- Game Changer
- Coopetition
- Wheelhouse
- Growth Hack
- Disruption
- Verticle
- Ideate

5. Show off the research impact
Many researchers develop sophisticated algorithms to prove the difficult theory that results in just a couple of findings. Our advice is that you should also think about how the overall research project is executed and how you can make the improvement at every step of the way. By doing this way, you can achieve the research objective and you will be able to help other people to streamline the research process too.

Another way to show the research impact is to present your results visually. Visualization is a good way to connect with the broader audience so people will have a better understanding of what you do.

6. Think about the future
It's not a common thing for a master's degree thesis to include future research direction. However, we would suggest that it be included because the extension of your research may result in commercialization. In short, if you think about how to extend the results of your research, you may become a leading expert in your field or become a leading consultant.

7. Don't be stingy with the abstract
We really hate when we read the abstract that doesn't mention anything about the results. Don't be stingy, include some interesting findings to encourage people to read the whole paper.

Writing the thesis is not as hard as you think but you need to make a good planning.

- Turabian, Kate L. A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations: Chicago style for students and researchers. University of Chicago Press, 2018.

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