7 Most Important Book-to-Film Adaptations for a New Reader

Reading classic novel or literature can be a challenging task. In this article, we will provide you with some of the best films based on classic works. Watching these movies before reading the actual novel or literature will help you understand the whole story faster and easier.

1. The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks)
If you are into classic love stories of two young people fighting against the odds of wealth and time, Nicholas Spark’s The Notebook is the best for you to immerse in. Sparks is known for indefinite writing style. He is versatile in a way that his style of writing depends on the theme of the story. As per The Notebook’s theme of unconditional and everlasting love, the author set a pleasing and emotional mood. These moods were greatly manifested in the movie adaptation because the movie is composed of a number of scenes that increases the emotional impact on its viewers which are shown in the dialogues and expressions of the characters. Watching the film can give you the emotional impact in a very concrete way which you can imagine and still feel while reading the book itself.

2. The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon)
Mysteries always have a spot on people’s preferences, so no wonder that Robert Langdon’s The Da Vinci Code is marked best either on the big screen or in the book. This is one of the best book to film adaptations because the book’s version is quite the same as what happened in the movie in terms of ideas and emotions. Minor differences in how the movie attacked the emotional aspect as well as the scenes in the book itself created a better view of what is really happening in the story.

3. Twilight (Stephanie Meyer)
If there is a love story that made a big difference among the others, indeed, it is the vampire romance between the mortal Bella and the immortal Edward. Meyer’s masterpiece breaks the cliché love story in the market and provides a new taste of a love story. With this, it is undeniable that people loved not just the book but also the film adaptation. Some numbers of pages in the book are dedicated to describing the characters and the settings which you might find hard to visualize because of the very detailed and out of this world tone and word usage of the writer. You do not have to worry because these pages are simply shown in the movie in a matter of seconds yet very accurate making it a very good book to film adaptation.

4. Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)
Attempting to read the book of Rowling at first, you might think that she is totally insane. You might even think she is a witch because no one can write as detailed and specific like the way she writes if she has no experience with what she is writing. Well, you might want to see the movie first for you to easily visualize the world Rowling has created in her own mind. The movie provides an accurate and fascinating view of the characters as well as the supernatural phenomena happening in the story.

5. Hamlet (William Shakespeare)
Hamlet, one of the famous plays that have ever been written, is Shakespeare’s tragedy themed masterpiece. Aside from providing a concrete view of the characters and scenarios in the play, one thing that the movie version of the play best offers is the perfect characterizations of the actors especially the protagonist, Hamlet.

6. The Iliad (Homer)
You might wonder how Homer’s The Iliad’s wide settings and qualities of characters can be projected to a big screen. You do not have to wonder anymore because the best adaptation of this remarkable classic literature was released last 2004 entitled Troy. The movie gives a very cinematic and amazing interpretation of Homer’s work. There are minor changes, but they do not affect the emotional attack of the story and more even, the scenes in the movie add to the appeal of the movie making it more realistic and fascinating.

7. Les Miserables (Victor Hugo)
Hugo’s masterpiece is adapted not just in films but also in plays. This is just proving that his work has created its own fame for the people not just in France but to the whole world. The thing is that people nowadays have no time spending weeks and weeks to read the novel, and the preference is now in its film version. The question is that “Is it good?” The answer is yes. Before you read, you might want to watch the movie to give yourself a fair and accurate picture of what happened in the book. Doing this, you could concentrate more on the emotions and moral inculcated by the societal-based novel of Victor Hugo.

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