What is the Best Free Grammar Checker?

If you are a writer, you will find that the grammar checker is the necessary tool you need to use every day. However, there are many grammar checkers on the market but which one is the best?

In this article, we compare free online grammar checkers with the methodology as below,

- First, we gather the list of major online grammar checkers that offer a free version. These grammar checkers can be a browser extension that can detect errors on the fly. Or they can be a website that you need to paste the text you would like to check on it.

- After that, we identify the article to test. The first article is a scientific peer-reviewed article that is available publicly on the internet. The Scientific article is held in high regard because it's checked many times by both commercial grade grammar checker and highly educated researchers. This article is called "good article" and it has 205 words.

- Next, we ask a freelance writer on Fiverr to provide an article for testing. Fiverr is an online freelancing platform that is notorious for its low-quality articles. This article is called "bad article" and it has 550 words.

- We check both "good article" and "bad article" using free online grammar checkers. And the results are reported below,

1. Grammarly
We use Grammarly Chrome extension in this testing. This browser plug-in allows you to create a blank document on your browser so you can paste the text you want to check. However, the same plug-in checks as you type as well.

Good Article: Grammarly shows 1 error by indicating that the word "satisfactions" in plural form is a confused word. Then, it should be changed to "satisfaction" in singular form.

Bad Article: Grammarly shows 5 critical issues and most of them are related to articles a/an/the and preposition.

2. Ginger Software
Ginger Software chrome extension will only open the new blank page so you can paste the text into (it doesn't check as you type.) However, this plug-in tries to change our default search engine from Google to Bing without permission.

Good Article: Ginger Software doesn't report any grammar error at all.

Bad Article: Ginger Software reports 13 errors but 7 of them are the false positive.

3. Scribens
Scribens browser extension works the same way as that of Ginger Software.

Good Article: Scribens reports 2 errors and all of them are false positives. It also reports words repetition which doesn't make sense.

Bad Article: Scribens reports 7 errors with 5 false positives.

4. Language Tool
Language tool has both Chrome browser plug-in and an online checker via the website but we use the website version for testing.

Good Article: Language Tool shows no error at all.

Bad Article: Shockingly, Language Tool shows only 1 error and it's a false positive.

5. After the Deadline
After the Deadline is famous among bloggers on the Wordpress platform because it offers an easy to install Wordpress plug-in. Since we are on the Blogspot platform, we use the website version for testing.

Good Article: After the Deadline suggests that 2 errors about passive voice be corrected.

Bad Article: After the Deadline provides 12 style suggestions which don't need fixing (in our opinion.)

6. Paper Rater
Paper Rater provides the grammar checker on its website. However, we find that it's quite hard to use. First, you need to select the education level of the author of the article. After that, you have to select the type of paper you are trying to check. Finally, you have to tick the checkbox that you agree with its terms and conditions.

Good Article: No error found

Bad Article: 1 error found but Paper Rater doesn't show where it is in the text.

7. Slick Write
Slick Write also provides the grammar checker on its website and the results are as below,

Good Article: Slick Write suggests fixing 1 passive voice and 7 stylistic errors which don't really need fixing.

Bad Article: Slick Write shows 20 stylistic errors.

The Verdict
No free stuff is perfect. However, if we have to choose the best free grammar checker to use every day, we will definitely use "Grammarly" for sure.

The reason is that it identifies errors as you type which is quite convenient. Another important point is that it shows the least false positive alerts which don't distract you from your proofreading.

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Last review and update: August 30, 2021
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