7 Reasons Why Reading Improves Your Writing Skills

Many people try to improve their writing skills by focusing too much on grammar and style. In this article, we will show you why you can become a better writer by reading more.

1. You are what you read
You might think it hard to find and spend the time to read if you are a writer. Instead of reading, you might prefer to do other errands. In this case, you might also have a hard time to write because an effective writing requires reading. If you read poetries, you become a poet. If you read contents, you become a technical or academic writer. This happens because it is innate to writers to apply to their works what they have gained through reading.

2. Reading will inspire you
Every writer needs the inspiration to be able to write something that is impeccable and astonishing. But, the problem for some people is that what their inspiration would be. One effective way to address the need for an inspiration can be attained through reading. Motivating yourself through reading not only enhance your reading skills or give you knowledge but also, most importantly, give you something to reflect on and ponder upon to generate new ideas for your write-ups.

3. Reading is the repertoire of knowledge
Gaining new knowledge might be the most common benefit of reading. However, alongside reading is the development of your writing skills, especially, in terms of the quality of the contents you can imply in your work. The more you read, the more you acquire knowledge. The more you read the wide variety of genres and forms of write-ups, the more knowledgeable you become. All of the wisdom can be achieved through reading and, therefore, can be added to your repertoire of knowledge to be applied in writing.

4. Reading makes you a human dictionary
While you read, you might encounter unfamiliar words that get you up and that make you grab a dictionary. This is the most common thing that readers do whenever they encounter hifalutin words. But you can use these to insert quality and credibility into your work. On the other hand, why would you read instead of just searching for impressive words online? Reading increases your comprehension by some reading techniques like context clues. Because of this, understanding and retention are attained. If you understand something, you can easily apply it, and the same thing goes with reading to writing.

5. Reading improves reasoning
Whether you like it or not, you imagine whenever you read most, especially if its fiction write-ups. Therefore, frequent reading can help you to broaden your imagination. If you have a broad imagination, you can effortlessly translate what you think into writing. Even more, you can be more detailed and creative in your write –up.

6. Reading shows the real you
As you gain new ideas and immerse yourself in different writing you read, you give yourself different ideas to apply in your own work. These ideas, when combined and applied, turn your work into a more creative and artistic one. Therefore, reading makes you more creative.

7. Reading shows you the ways to write
Writers have different ways of writing. In fact, if you are a writer, you might have a certain writing style that makes you unique from the others. That means that every writer is unique. So you cannot encounter one writer that writes exactly like you. If you want to be a versatile writer, you must be exposed to different writing styles, and you can only do that through reading.

Are you now convinced that reading can help to improve your writing skills?

- Shanahan, Timothy, et al. "Relations among oral language, reading, and writing development." Handbook of writing research (2006): 171-183.

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