10 Best Leadership Books of All Time

Here's the list of best leadership books of all time based on the objective evaluation to help you motivate, manage and control your organization effectively.

What is leadership exactly?
Leadership is not position, but the action you make every day and some of these actions are as below,

- Clarifying problems: a great leader has to be able to identify challenges at hand so they can make further actions

- Setting objectives: after the challenges are identified, a mission statement or objectives should be established

- Developing action plans: a clear and easy to follow a to-do list or task list should also be established 

- Delegating tasks: a manager may do things by themselves, but a leader asks someone else to do things. Delegating tasks to the right people and the right time help to increase the chance of success significantly

- Persuading and motivating people: in case your team members, for whatever reasons, don't believe in what you're planning to do or what you are asking them to do, you need to explain why and try to motivate them to achieve the objectives

- Listening to feedback: a great leader knows they are not always right, so open-mindedness is the key. Try to listen to your team members and use this feedback to fine-tune your action plans

- Taking full accountability: a great leader is willing to take both credit and blame. This is the only way to ensure that people really see you as the alpha male and will follow your lead next time

Finding the Best Books On Leadership
As you can see from the above leadership skills summary, the leader is made not born and it takes time to build a great leader. Because Rome is not built in a day. As a result, you may need some books on leadership that will help you enhance your leadership skill through various methodologies. In order to find the best books about leadership for you, we conduct a data collection as below,

data collection

- First, we check the list of 100 Leadership and Success Books to Read in a Lifetime published on Amazon.

- Then, we develop a list of the books by determining if each book is endorsed by leadership gurus and the world's leading business leaders such as CEOs and founders of Fortune 500 companies, leading book authors. We believe the best books about leadership should be accepted by their peers.

- Finally, we make a short list of the best books on leadership.

10 Best Leadership Books are as below:
What are some books you find helpful and why?