7 Small Home Office Ideas for Home Based Business

Are you trying to decorate your home office but don't want to hire an interior designer? In this article, we will show you 7 practical small home office ideas.

The home office has become the foundation of modern interior design. Whether it is designating a certain spot or creating a mini desk nook, it has to meet the elements of a home office. Small home office needs to be highly functional and organized, serving the purpose to the freelancer with sufficient lighting, privacy, appropriate furniture and decor that would provide a visual sense of spaciousness in a small space. Here are some small home office ideas you can use to add a stylish yet economical design for a home-based business owner like you.

1. Get Scandinavian Inspiration
For a writer, a home office setup needs to be inspirational to boost up more creativity. Be it a bedroom or separate office room, move away from the plain boring desk and bring in a whimsical setup by adding a simple but stylish Nordic design desk like this to any room.

Get Scandinavian Inspiration

2. Use Neglected Space
Vertical space is usually under-utilized by many homeowners. In this idea, you can use an industrial retro wall-mounted bookshelf like this to create more space for your work-related stuff.

Use Neglected Space

3. Utilize Negative Space
In architecture and interior design, negative space refers to the empty area around particular furniture. In a small room, you can use the principle of negative space by using furniture without skirts. Or you can use a movable and stylish metal file cabinet like this. Whenever you don't want to use it, you can hide it under any existing table in any room.

Utilize Negative Space

4. Utilize Corner Space
Put furniture on the angle is the better way to save space. For example, putting the modern looking home office corner desk like this on the corner uses less space for your increasing work needs and create an elegant feeling to the room.

Utilize Corner Space

5. Create Better Visual Flow
If you live in an extremely small space like a small studio apartment, putting some standard home office furniture doesn't look very pleasing. You can create a better visual flow by adding a retro style butterfly chair like this to your room. Since it has the retro modern look, the visual flows naturally in the room and it doesn't look like you have a home office. It's another idea you should try.

Create Better Visual Flow

6. Use Convertible Option
Limited living space, a small room or bachelor pad doesn’t necessarily mean you compromise on your workstation. Adding a convertible wall mount desk with built-in storage like this is an excellent choice. It is a great way to save floor space and provide you with a minimalist and organized living space.

Use Convertible Option

7. Use Foldable Furniture
Do you have the empty space under your stairs that you want to convert into a mini office? Do you want to reclaim your space whenever you need? If yes, you need to check out an industrial modern foldable writing desk like this. It's foldable so you can keep it in the corner when you don't use it.

Use Foldable Furniture

Fancy and unpractical home office ideas are available anywhere but you should opt for what serves your purpose, and personalize and accessorize it with the d├ęcor of your choice to create the ultimate home office that is chic, classy and economical.