10 Best Dieting Books to Keep Within Reach

Are you trying to make a turnaround in life and looking for books on dieting? In this article, Dr. Samuel Malloy will show you best dieting books to read.

Dieting's come a long way from the miserable days of semi-starvation and permanent hunger. Those days, eating celery and cardboard tasting, zero calorie crispbread was the only way to weight loss. A couple of weeks of that and most of us were back to chocolate and chips. It was a roller coaster.

Nowadays, there's a multitude of choices but knowing which diet suits you can be bewildering.

Here's the 10 best dieting books:

1. The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love! by Anne Alexander and Julia VanTine

The first dieting and weight loss book thinks that sugar is the 21st-century baddie. This diet helps to cut sugar cravings and replace the weight gainer/tooth rotter with healthier options.

No calorie counting, lots of food and weight loss is the deal here…almost too good to be true! The theory is - rotating food increases metabolic rate and reduces weight. This is one of the best dieting and weight loss books and weight loss you should read.

Change your eating habits is the message. Switch to satisfying high nutrition foods and reduce cravings for sugary, calorific meals and snacks and bingo…lose weight. 

This dieting and weight loss book focuses on the 12-week plan in oats, beans and other water-rich foods as well as nutrient-packed seeds to aid digestion and cut the flab.

Looking like we're 6 months pregnant isn't a good look, right. This science-based diet gets us eating the right food for gut health, thereby promoting weight loss. 

With this dieting and weight loss book, you'll shed pounds and lower cholesterol by changing habitual eating patterns, replacing animal proteins with plant-based foods.

Actor Chestnut and celebrity fitness guru Obadike have come up with a clinically proven fat burner. Following this food and exercise regime produces dramatic weight loss. An interesting dieting and weight loss book on the list.

This 30-day diet reprogrammes eating habits leading to sustained weight loss because it promotes a healthier relationship with food.

Well, this is radical; the keto diet is a low carb or high-fat regime. Yes, it actually encourages eating healthy fats in order to burn fat. Another interesting dieting and weight loss book.

A New York Times bestseller dieting and weight loss book, with this diet, followers smoothie their way to a slim body. As a bonus, the nutrient-packed fruit and vegetables provide a thorough body cleanse. 

So there you have it…10 dieting and weight loss books choose from – there's got to be one out there to suit even the most reluctant dieter.

Have you ever used dieting books on this list and why?

About the Author
Dr. Samuel Malloy has been in general medicine for the past 25 years and currently the medical director at Dr. Felix https://www.drfelix.co.uk/. He has a keen interest in body science and how to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

- Fisler, J. S. (1992). Cardiac effects of starvation and semistarvation diets: safety and mechanisms of action. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 56(1), 230S-234S.

Last review and update: August 18, 2018
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