5 Best Potty Training Books for Parents

Are you the new parents looking for the best potty training books? We will show you some books that will help you to create the hassle-free potty training plan.

In contrary to popular belief, the best potty training books are for a mom or dad or parents, not for a child. Yes, you heard it right! Potty training book is used to train parents how to do potty training. So we can prepare everything properly before it starts. Poor preparation will be a huge setback for both a child and parents. You are not supposed to give your child a potty training book and expect him or her to understand how to do it right.

Finding the Best Potty Training Books
We know potty training can be a headache, especially for new parents. In order to provide the list of best potty training books, we use objective evaluation as below,

- Training Method: there are 2 main approaches to potty training. A first approach is a process-oriented approach that uses a clear plan to prepare everyone in the family. A second approach is a fast-track approach like potty training in 3-7 days. However, there are also some other unique circumstances. Then, we will segment potty training books based on the particular need.

- Reader's Feedback: we gather the reader's feedback on major websites like Goodreads, Quora.com and other baby related sites.

- Feedback from Notable People: many potty training books got reviews and endorsements from important people so we try to incorporate this factor into our considerations.

- Sales Rank: sales rank from Amazon.com is a good way to determine how well each potty training book really performs.

- After that, we finalize the list of best potty training books based on training methods.

5 Best Potty Training Books are as below:

Have you ever used the best potty training books on this list?

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Last review and update: September 17, 2018

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