Best Interior Design Book for Beginners

Do you want to gain interior design knowledge for the new home improvement project? In this article, we will show you best interior design books for beginners.

Finding the Best Interior Design Books

Since your home is the place where you spend most of your time, we believe you can make it a much better place to live by simply learning a little bit about home designs or interior design.

With some books about interior design on hand,

- You will find that interior design is actually easier than you think.

- You can save money because you don't really need an interior designer at all.

- You can avoid cost overrun because some costs are subject to change due to the change in work scope, the time required to complete a project, the change in decorative items, seasonal price change and so on.

- You don't have to deal with the interior design contract because it is too complicated.

- You don't have to deal with the interior design terms like the Statement of Work, Project Timeline, Approval Process, and Termination Clause.

- You can choose the scope of work that fits your schedule. For example, you can start a home organization project when you are only available on one weekend and do the full-scale home improvement during the summer.

Best Interior Design Books' Ranking

One of our readers asks if we can recommend the books for her home improvement project. To provide the list of decoration books for beginners, we reach out to the team of architects and interior designers and ask them to help. Then, we rank the books as below,

- First, we develop the list of books by checking the bestseller lists on in 2 categories, namely, interior design and home decor.

- After that, we remove the books that are not really about interior design from the list, for example, books about web design, product design and furniture making.

- We also remove interior design and decoration textbooks from our list because we think they are not practical enough to create the design of everyday.

- We group books based on 5 categories, namely, DIY projects, home organization, general interior design, interior design on the budget and vintage style interior design.

- We use customer's feedback on to make the final cut. For example, we only include books with a 3-star rating on our list.

- We select a couple of books in each category that provides guidelines and principles, not just the books that filled with beautiful photos.

- The end result is the best books for beginners.

Best Interior Design Books are as below:

  1. A Touch of Farmhouse Charm: Easy DIY Projects to Add a Warm and Rustic Feel to Any Room by Liz Fourez (DIY Project)

  2. The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley (Home Organization)

  3. Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves by Emily Henderson (General Interior Design)

  4. 501 Decorating Ideas Under $100 by Better Homes and Gardens Home (Interior Design on the Budget)

  5. Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home by Melissa Michaels (General Interior Design)

  6. Better Homes and Gardens Flea Market Style: Fresh Ideas for Your Vintage Finds by Better Homes and Gardens (Vintage Style Interior Design)

  7. The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well by Deborah Needleman (General Interior Design)

We believe it is quite important to be able to apply interior design knowledge to your home improvement project. So we sincerely believe the books on interior design on our list will really help you achieve your goal.

Are these the best interior design books to read and why?

- Atkinson, Paul. "Do it yourself: democracy and design." Journal of design history 19.1 (2006): 1-10.

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