Experts Reveal Best Project Management Books to Read

Do you need books that can help control project scope, quality, time and budget effectively? In this article, we will show you 10 project management books you can trust.

Benefits of Project Management
Each year, PMI asks project management professionals around the world to report their salary information including job title, industry, type of project and years of work experience. The result of such a survey is entitled "Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey". The tenth edition reveals that PMP certified project managers earn 23% more than average.

Best Project Management Books for Executives
For busy executives, first-time project managers or project team members, they need something more practical that can be applied more quickly. In order to provide book recommendations and suggestions for our readers, we conduct an initial survey of books landscape by checking the citation counts via Google Scholar. Citation count tells you how many times the books are cited by other related publications. It also measures how good and influential books are.

The results are that most highly cited books are "classic" college textbooks. We know for the fact that project management is a practice-oriented discipline so project management theories seem to be a bit irrelevant to many people.

Data Collection
As a result of the initial survey, we come up with a data collection plan so we can determine best books for project management as described below,

- We perform a blog search on Google to determine what project management bloggers say about books they like.

- Then, we search for books about project management on to see who provides reviews, opinions, endorsements and what they say about a particular book.

- After that, we collect readers' opinion on Goodreads, Quora and LinkedIn respectively.

- Moreover, we send a media query to a service called "Help A Reporter Out". This service helps us connect with many project management experts and many of them provide very good recommendations.

- As you can see, our data collection method utilizes both primary data (expert opinion) and secondary data (data on multiple websites.)

- Lastly, we finalize the list by reviewing a book one by one based on the overall quality

The results of 10 Best Project Management Books are listed as below,

- Project Management Lite: Just Enough to Get the Job Done...Nothing More by Juana Clark Craig

- Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Advice For Successful Projects by Neal Whitten

- Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management by Scott Berkun

- Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager: A Franklin Covey Title by Kory Kogon, Suzette Blakemore and James Wood

- The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management by Eric Verzuh

- Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love by Roman Pichler

- Project Management Nation: Tools, Techniques, and Goals for the New and Practicing IT Project Manager by Jason Charvat

- Project Portfolio Management: A View from the Management Trenches by EPMC

- Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams by Terry Schmidt

- Visualizing Project Management: Models and Frameworks for Mastering Complex Systems by Kevin Forsberg , Hal Mooz and Howard Cotterman

Do you have some favorite project management books you would like to share with our readers?

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Last review and update: September 16, 2019
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