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At we respect copyright so the list below is the copyright policies that we adhere to,

- We follow "Fair Use Policy", we try to attribute someone else's works when we use them. Anyway, if you find that your works are infringed in any way, please contact us here so we can follow your instructions

- Our works which include text, graphics, image, infographics, presentation slides, videos are protected by international copyright laws

- You are allowed to use no more than one paragraph of our contents and you are required to provide a link back to the original article

- You can use graphics and images as much as you like provided that you provide image credit by linking back to the original article.

- In case you use our articles in your academic works, the proper citation should be used

- If we find that you use our materials without attributions, we will send DMCA takedown notice immediately

- If you would like to use our materials in an offline manner, you can contact us here

Last Update: April 3, 2017

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